Aug 11, 2019

[Free Pattern] Toddler Drawstring Backpack

Summer break is over!

School started!!

I'm not the only mom who's excited about that, right?

Oklahoma has been so hot!! Over 100 F everyday, plus the humidity, it feels like much worth...

Kids seem they don't care, but for me that's a good reason to stay home and keep sewing and quilting, hehe.
One of the exciting thing happened during this summer is, our 3 years old girl started ballet lesson!

So I made her a small, todder size drawstring backpack, to carry her water bottle and a small snack, and a pair of dance shoes!

We picked up super cute Ballerina fabric and matching polkadots fabric for bottom accent.

I started making this in the early morning, before kids get up.  It took less than 2 hours to finish!

She was excited to see her finished backpack in the same morning!

This mini back could be a fun-fast sewing project for everyone, so I decided to share the How to make tutorial.  It's free!  Don't we love free patterns?  I DO!!

Here is the pattern & tutorial you can download as PDF.

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