Mar 6, 2019

{Easter Quilt] He Is Risen

Hello all :)

It's freezing cold in Southwest Oklahoma here!

I can't wait the spring to come.  Stores started to sell Easter and gardening items, just the weather is not cooperating well!

Since trees and flowers are not blooming yet ( Seriously, all I see is brown grass and naked branches right now.), I wanted to make something nice that makes me feel good about this coming spring.

So I thought that starting off with an Easter quilt would be nice!

But I didn't want to go with regular Easter motifs. 

I wanted to make something unique! 

Growing up as a Christian, the Easter is not only egg hunts and Easter Bunny, but also it's a celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection. 

So I thought  "Hey, how about we go back to the origin of Easter?"

Therefore I designed this paper-piecing quilt pattern.  

I can say that I am very happy how it came out!

It took extra time and caution to design Christ quilt block.

 I wanted the pattern to be simple as possible, so the other quilters will enjoy making this block, but also I didn't want to Christ looks too "comically" or "cheesy".  

Well I did my best. :) I think I balanced out well! ;D

I also want to quilt it in simple look.
I thought cloud look would be nice...

So I used our daughter's favorite Elsa glass too draw the cloud-look curve lines. :D

I used a walking foot to quilt, it was hard to follow the curbs with it...
..Can you see how I'm bad to follow the "right path"?

I'm glad the ink is water soluble!

I left the cloud out of Christ's face, instead of I quilted stitch n' ditch around his head part of shoulders. 

   This quilt is about Christ's resurrection, I needed to put "the print of the nail" on the design.

Guys, my heart was heavy when I was working on his nail marks.
I can't imagine how much pain he had to suffer for our sins.

But at the same time, I found how much grateful I am for what he done for us.

In our home, we have pictures of Christ, to remember him and remind who we are, everyday.
We go church every Sunday as a family to take sacrament, also teach, learn and serve each other.

I am grateful for living as a Christen.
 I am so bless to know Jesus Christ's Gospel and the purpose in life on this earth.
I love finding eternal joy and happiness though his teaching. 
I am grateful that we can overcome our weakness or challenges throw his atonement and blessing.

I really didn't meant to make this pattern and quilt to preach my belief or

but if it helps to bring you (or your family or friends who is going to receive your quilt!) to feel Christ and his love closer,  that will makes happy! <3

(If you are interested to learn more, visit :D)

Ohh Don't let me forget, 

He Is Risen PDF Pattern is now available on my Etsy shop (Click Here)

Hope you will enjoy your spring quilting with hope, joy, and peace!


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