Feb 1, 2019

{FREE PATTERN} Acupuncture Pin Cushion

Hi all!!  

This is Mitchie of Miso Quilty :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

A couple of days ago, I was thinking to make a pin cushion.

A pin cushion, something cute and funny that makes people grin :)

I love to make people laugh!   We all need humors in our life, don't we? :)

And I wanted to make something with Far East taste, since I am Japanese and I love our Asian culture.

So, here is it!

Acupuncture Pin Cushion!
Ouch! or "Mmm~ feels so good."

I used EQ8 to design the top FPP block.

I picked some cute scraps from my stash bin, (fun part!)

and started making the first one.

Then I posted my finished pin cushion on Facebook quilting group.


I loved the reactions from other quilters!

"LOL so funny!!" 


but the half of comments are like

"I thought it's a voodoo doll, stubbing someone from back, LOL!"

......Seriously, dear quilters!!? LOL!! 

Some quilters were asking me for where they can find the pattern,

which makes me sooo HAPPY! 

I was dancing in my head saying "Ohhh my goodness! They like my pattern"! 

I was not thinking about publish the pattern for this one.

So I made another pin cushion last night, to measure everything and write it down.

Ta-da~!  Red version!
 I think it turned out pretty!

It's funny that sometimes we get more positive reactions from audience when you weren't trying to get them!

Like, I spent so much time and effort on this new meal recipe for family, but my husband and our kids are like; 


But when you make something without recipe, using whatever leftover things in the fridge, they say;

"WOW, this is really good!  Can you make this again?"

I love when this happens, it tells me that my creative instinct is still good! ;)

And of course, this pin cushion can be made from your leftover fabric!

Now I am pleased to announce;

Thank you so much for the quilters those gave me the positive AND hilarious feedback! 

Hope everyone came to visit here will enjoy the pattern.

Love, xoxox

Mitchie Brown

P.S. Please share your finished project! 

Use #AcupuncturePinCushion !

 I'm on Instagram @misoquilty,

And FB page "Miso Quilty."


  1. Limda, vou fazer e mostro pela # , grata!

  2. Thank you so much for the free pattern. I can't wait to try it.

  3. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to make it.

  4. Fabulous and funny ��Thanks so much for sharing! I know what I’m making today ����

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