Nov 18, 2018

How to make a baby quilt under $20

Hi all:)

Because they are 
  • Easy - Baby quilts can be made with very simple piecing skills and block patterns

  • Quick - It takes only 2~4 hours to finish a baby quilt. 

  • Cute -  Choosing its pattern & fabric is my favorite part, it's so fun!

  • Perfect gift or donation to the local community! - We can always find places to donate these warm, handmade gift. To babies from your family, friends, neighbors, local hospital NICU, shelters, etc.
Almost 3 years ago, just before my daughter arrivers, I made a simple patchwork baby quilt for her.

She is now 2 and half years old, she still love that quilt!

Making a baby quilt is a great starter project for beginner quilters.  They are perfect for trying new blocks or quilting techniques out.  And it is very relaxing and fun for novice & advanced quilters always ;)

One problem.

If you started quilting already, you would probably noticed already that
Quilting can be an expensive hobby.

(Seriously! ...Good quilt-quality designer cotton fabric, high quality thread, batting, backing...Oh, don't forget cutting mats, cutters, rulers and all other unique specialized quilting tools!!)
((I also love to crochet, and so far what I need to buy is yarns and hooks. ))

Unfortunately we are not a super rich millionaire celebrity household family, so I have to have a budget to enjoy quilting.  - Can I get Amen from hard working daddy & mommy quilters? :)  

So for the love of quilting, I am going to share my thrift way to make a baby quilt.

Under $20 per quilt, exactly.

Alright, let's begin!


When I start thinking about making a baby quilt,  I go with this basic formula for the material.
I am lazy when it comes to math, and this is easy to remember.

I am planning to share some easy baby quilt patterns applies to this formula, 
so please come back and check it out! :)

FOR ONE BABY QUILT (36"~40" length) 

  • Total of 2 yrds fabric for the quilt top - it could be 1yd of main +1yd of sub fabric, or 1 yd main + 2 of 1/2yd sub, or 4 of 1/2 fabric.  It depends of which pattern you choose.  Basically total of 2 yds is just about right for the quilting top.
  • 1/2 yds fabric for binding - I make 2.5" wide strips for binding.
  • 44" x 44" batting
  • 1-1/2yds fabric for backing 
Please not that most baby quilts are made by 100% cotton material only.  Because baby skin is more sensitive. 


TOPS & BINDING - HOBBY LOBBY  Appeal Print fabric always 30% off

Hobby lobby is my favorite store to get the fabric for tops and bindings, because they have many on trend, modern print cotton fabric which new young parents will enjoy, too!

They have their own fabric design line "Brothers and Sisters" and they will be found at Appeal Print Fabric in  fabric section.  Their price is 6.99 or 7.99/yd, however, they are "ALWAYS 30% OFF" which is actually 4.89 or 5.59/yd. 

It makes total 2 yds for top is $10~11.20,

1/2yd for binding $2.50~2.80. 

BATTING - online   Pellon Natural Cotton Batting With Stabilizing Scrim Binder, 96" Wide, 9 Yard Bolt   $27.75

I've bought many different brand of 100% cotton batting at several different stores, so far this is my favorite reasonable, good quality batting! Some batting are very "stretchy" and start breaking during making a quilt sandwich, but this batting has stabilizing scrim so it's very durable and easy wo work.  You have to get this as a 9 yd-roll bulk, but this 96" wide roll, you can get 14 pieces of 44" x 48" batting, which only $2 for a baby quilt!

Please note that does Free Shipping $35.
I usually add extra items (basting pin, etc.) to match up to $35 :) 

BACKING - Joann Cozy Flannel Fabric at 50% off at store $2.49/yd  (+extra 15%/20%) 

If you want a soft and snuggly backing for your baby quilt, flannel cotton is the perfect material and Jo-Ann has the best deal!  When they start sale in fall is the best time to stock some solid flannel, I buy them when they have "At least" 50% off regular sale, and usually combine with 15~20% extra discount. (I prefer to get solid because it's easy to match.)  Also 3yd-flannel sale at online is very reasonable too. 
Their sale and discount % changes often, so keep checking their flyer or app.

At 50% off
44 x 1-1/2yd = $3.75 (3,18 +15% off, /3.00 +20% off)

Shopping at these stores, the total quilt cost is
as low as $17.50 to $19.50 

Yay, It's under $20.00!
About the thread. 
To be honest, I've never calculated the cost per a quilt. 
Because I usually buy thread corns in "Camereon  Colors", neutral colors like white, cream, beige, gray and black, and use for not only for baby quilts but most of any quilting projects. 
I got this nice white 100% cotton thread for 1.00 at a local thrift shop.
I've been using it for almost 2 years, and it still hasn't run out...

If I really need to buy a different color, Walmart has 100% cotton Gutermann 110yd for $1.52, so I get those :) 
I hope this will help you to make quilts in budget!
Do you have any budget-friendly quilting tips?  Please share with me!
Stay warm, enjoy the holiday season and keep quilting <3


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