Nov 30, 2018


Honestly, I am not sure if I can call this as a "pattern", literally it is made by a big print panel and sashing around it... lol!

But I love this super easy baby quilt, because when I found a very cute large print fabric,

"I don't want to cut it!"

So I just go looking around the fabric it will match as the sashing go around with it.

Super easy!

Of course, it can be made under $20. (How? See "How to make a baby quilt under $20.)

Big Panel Baby Quilt

  • 1yd of main (Large print) fabric that makes you to feel "But it's too cute to cut!!"
  • 1yd of sub fabric (4-way direction print, such as check, polka dots etc...)
  • 1/2yd of fabric for binding
  • 44"x 44" batting
  • 1-1/2yds x 44" wide backing
Cut One(1) 28.5" x 28"5 from main, 
Cut two (2) 6.5" x 28.5", and two (2) 6.5" x 40.5" from sub sashing fabric.


1. Cut the main panel to 28.5" x 28.5" square.  Sew and add sashing 6.5" x 28.5" to the each side.

2. Then, add sashing 6.5"x 40.5" to the top and bottom.

That's all!!  Super easy!!

3.  Make 2.5" wide strips from fabric for binding.

4.  Make a quilt sandwich with backing, batting, and completed top.

5.  Quilt as you like!
I did stippling quilting on this one. 
6. Attach the binding, then it's all done!

Very beginner friendly quilt project and it's still cute!

I hope you'll enjoy this half-day project ;D

More patterns are coming.
Please come back soon for more "actual" baby quilt patterns!

Have a good weekend!


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