Mar 17, 2020

{FREE PATTERN} Keep Calm and Roll On! Toilet Paper Quilt Block

Hi quilty friends!

How are you all surviving this Covis-19 madness?

Without exception, of course, all toilet papers and other paper items are gone from our local grocery stores...😅

And we are not those kind of folks mage stocking and fighting over the toilet papars, we are enjoying those memes poping up on Facebook about this toilet paper war.😂

And you know, we can use some good laugh (and a little sarcasm) during the situation like this.😉

So. Since we've been asked to stay home and which means more sewing time for us, 
I whipped a quick "fun" paper piecing pattern.😎

I named the pattern "Keep Calm and Roll On!"

This mini quilt is from 8"x 8" block pattern, plus 1" finished sashing.

(Nice, fresh & clean)

I added "quilting" on the TP.
Now it's Soft & Strong as Quilted Northern, but also pretty "Charmin".... lol

(But Seriously, isn't cute?)

I also made patterns for bigger block sizes, 10"x 10"  and 14"x 14", which I am making soon and will be posted here later!

Edited 3/19:  Here is a mini from 10" x 10" block!

I added 1" , 0.5" solid then 1" sashing. :)

I stitch n ditch around the TP lines, and stipple quilting all over the top.

Here is an another one made with 14" x 14".
I liked how the 10" block mini turned out, so I did the same.
This is with 2", 1" solid, and 2" sashing.

This is very rough measure but here are what size of fabric I've used for each block sizes with a single sashing.

8"x 8"~ 10" x 10" for Background, 6" x 18" White for TP,  2.5"x 3" Brown for the hole.
Cut (4) 1.5" strips from BG first for sashing. 
(Finished size 10"x 10" with sashing)

10"x 10"~ 12" x 18" for Background, 8" x 18" White for TP,  3"x 3.5" Brown for the hole.
Cut (4) 1.5" strips from BG first for sashing. 
(Finished size 12"x 12" with sashing.)

14"x 14"~ 12" x wof  for Background, 10" x 18" White for TP,  3.5"x 4" Brown for the hole.
Cut (4) 2.5" strips from BG first for sashing. 
(Finished size 18"x 18" with sashing.)

You can download the patterns⬇

Make sure to use "Actual Size" printer setting!

Fabric color map is here,
Keep Calm & Roll Up! Color Map REVISED

I'd be a super happy to see your finished block or quilt pictures! Use these hushtags;
#KeepCalmandRollOnBlock  #MyQuiltedTP  on Instagram.😆😂😘

Because love to share our humors and good, positive vibes, please feel free to share the patterns with your quilt friends.  Let them know they can get a free pattern from this blog post! 💓

(But PLEASE DO NOT the patterns, or I will hunt you down...💀 It'll be much easier to find you than a single roll of TP right now...😎😂)

That's about it, and hope you'll enjoy making this TP block from your stash, 

Keep Calm and Roll On!


Aug 19, 2019

[Free Tutorial] DIY Fabric Pumpkin

August is half way done, I started seeing a lot of fall decorations showing up in stores!

The other day I went to a craft store and found nice pumpkins made by different kinds of fabric.  ある日手芸店にいくと、色々な布で作られてる素敵なパンプキンを見つけました。

I put a couple of them in my hand and take a quick look and thought, "Hmm, maybe I can these!".  ちょっと手に取って見てみると、”これなら自分で作れるかも!”と思えたのです。

So I DID!  No pattern really, just went with the flow.
I really love how the first one turned out!!
This is really quick, probably it took 15~20mins to finish. 

とても早く作れちゃいます 、たぶん15~20分くらいじゃないかな。
Thought this could be a fun project to do in your

spare time!  
They could be great addition to your fall craft fair booth :)

Also, it doesn't require any accuracy, this is a perfect project for whos just started to learn hand-sewing. それに大雑把にサクサクと作れるので、手縫い超初心者でも簡単につくれちゃいます。

 My 3 years old daughter enjoys putting fiberfill inside. (And soaking cinnamon sticks.  It makes them easier to cut.) うちの3歳の娘は、綿を詰めるのが大好き。あと、シナモンスティックを水に浸けるのも大好きです。(シナモンを切りやすくするためです。)

I am excited to share how to make these easy and cute fabric pumpkins!
Please join us to make them and share with 
#FabricPumpkinFest !
(収穫祭のイメージで。笑 ”布かぼちゃ祭り”みたいな!)

Here is the tutorial, enjoy!

How to make Fabric Pumpkin

Fabric Pumpkin about 5" diameter

・(1) square - 10" x 10" cut fabric.  I like to use my Layer Cake left over! 25㎝×25㎝の四角い布。私のおすすめはレイヤーケーキの残り布です!
・(1) 2"~2.5" sqr. felt piece for a leaf 5㎝×5㎝程のフェルト
・(1) About 1.5"cut cinammon stick 3㎝ほどのシナモンスティック
・Regular sewing thread and a needle (I like to use hand-quilting thread and a basting needle.)  普通の縫い糸と針。(私のおすすめはハンドキルト用糸と、ベースティング針です。)
・A bundle of embroidery floss and a large eye, sharp point broidery needle. 刺繍糸一束を大きめの目で長めの刺繍針。
・Polyester fiber filling 詰め用手芸コットン。
・Glue gun グルーガン

・Scissors はさみ

Put the fabric in flat, hold it in half triangle three times.

Then leaving the flaps on the top, fold in half.

Cut the top flaps off.

Open the fabric. It'll look like this, an octogen. 

Make a knot on the end of the thread, sew along around the edge roughly 0.5" wide.  Gather the seam as you stitch.

Keep the thread in the needle during the next step.

Fill it with polyester fiber fill and close the seam.

Sew in rough running stitches around the seams as you put in filling and continue pulling the thread to close the seam narrower.

Once it is fully closed, make a knot and cut off the thread.

Place a mark on the center of the bottom. With embroidery floss, sew through from the top to the bottom mark. 

Bring the floss around to the top.  Repeat the same process until you have 8 lines on the bottom.

When it is finished, make a knot on the top, cut the floss off.

The pumpkin may be very flat at this point.

To add more height, squish on a flat surface and roll it several times.

Now it looks more like it!

Pour glue on top, put a cinnamon stick in.

Cut the felt piece into a shape of a leaf, garnish its edge with small slits.

Put it next to the stem with glue.
Ta-da~~!  That's all! 

You can use different fabric sizes!
Basically, pumpkins will come out about in the half size of fabric.

I use 15" x 15" fabric for this, came out in about 8" diameter.

Please share your fabric pumpkin on Instagram, using #FabricPumpkinFest & @misoquilty !
ぜひインスタでみなさんの布パンプキンを見せてくださいね!その際は#FabricPumpkinFest & @misoquilty のタグをお忘れなく~~^^

I am looking forward to seeing yours! :)

~Mitchie みっちでした。^^